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14 September 2007

50 Things that make me Happy:

Today I decide to share with you, 50 things that make me feel happy. There are more actually but I have short listed them so as not to use too much space. Therefore sit back and relax, here are the list in random order. As listed below, most of things that make me happy do not require money or much money. In fact there are lots of things that you can do to make you happy without involving money or much money.

1. Reading interesting articles.
2. Getting paid to do something .i.e. consultation.
3. Discussing about favorite and interesting topics.
4. Dreaming of getting rich and happy.
5. Getting great ideas.
6. My son
7. My wife
8. Staying at home and spending time with my family
9. Getting a new house
10. Getting advice from a financial guru i.e. Azizi Ali
11. Surfing the internet for info.
12. Seeing my staff getting appreciation from the management.
13. Sight Seeing
14. Public Holiday
15. Drinking Coffee “JANTAN” ( Male Coffee )
16. Buying good motivational book.
17. Taking Photos
18. Wake up on Saturday and Sunday morning.
19. Reading the newspaper
20. Eating good and delicious food.
21. God
22. Writing using my laptop
23. Staying healthy
24. Listening to good music
25. Playing my guitar
26. Walking in the park with my son and wife
27. Window shopping during weekend
28. Experimenting with electronic
29. Sitting down, relax while watching TV
30. Going back to visit my parent
31. Ghost Whisper
32. X-Files
33. Exchanging view with an intelligent people
34. Investing money
35. Saving Money
36. My Website
37. Going out to cinema with my family
38. Clean environment
39. Clean place to stay
40. Recovering from sickness
41. Cooking nice food for my wife and son
42. Browsing my family photos
43. Settle my debt
44. Getting low interest housing loan
45. Going to Church
46. Going back home from work
47. Playing games with my son
48. Quite and good sleep at night
49. Seeing my son growing up bright and happy
50. Knowing that life is short, so be happy.

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