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28 September 2007

Plain Excuses why they are not Rich

How many time you heard a person or your friend say to you thing like “I don’t like to be rich, unless you want to be a crook or take advantage of people” or some thing similar. Most people fond of giving excuses to justify why they are no rich or want to be rich. Believe me, there are such people. The more you talk about getting rich to these people the more they bombarded you with unpleasant respond.

I have listed below some of the excuses I frequent heard throughout the years and would like to share it with you.

a) I am to busy to think about money.
b) I am not interested
c) I am not cut off to be a rich man.
d) I am not smart
e) I don’t have a good business knowledge
f) I don’t want to be a crook
g) I may not have time to spend with my family
h) I don’t like working hard
i) I am scared they will kidnap my children for ransom.
j) It involved too much work.
k) I do not want to con and take advantage of people for self-gain.
l) Money is the root of all evil.
m) I am waiting for the right time.
n) I am scared to do business
o) God does not allowed me to accumulate wealth
p) God doesn’t like rich people.
q) Health is more important than wealth.
r) Fear of failure
s) Fear of loosing money
t) I am not ready, too young to think about it now.
u) What wrong with being in the middle class.
v) I choose not to be rich
w) My friend say business is risky
x) It is all up to God. I leave everything in God hand.
y) People would dislike me.
z) I am not greedy.

The list of excuses can go on and on and there are no ending to it. People are good at making excuses when come to issue to do with becoming rich.

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