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19 September 2007

Do you like going to work?

Why am I asking this stupid question? Obviously, if not because of the money, almost everyone disliked going to work. Everyone wants a vacations, long holidays, resting, relaxing without thinking about going to work the next day or even better, no more work. But this is not quite possible since not everyone can be as lucky as some people.

Another question is how often you take off due to sickness? If you hate your job or not keen of working but you are force to work because of family obligation or commitment then you might end up feeling stressful (if you don’t know how to control your stress) and very soon your whole body failed and you eventually fall sick. I have a friend who is an employee and have been with the company for almost 15 years. He seldom talks about his job because he felt stressful all the time. He is on medical leave most of the time and since then often seeing doctor for counseling. I did try to help him but….

Below are the most frequent questions asked about the subject of work or JOB (Just Obey Boss):

a) Are you sick of working?
b) Do you stay at work longer than you have to?
c) Do you take loads of work home?
d) Do you go to work on public holiday?
e) Do you like your job?
f) Do you often skip your job?
g) You don’t mind doing extra work?
h) Are you a compulsive worker?
i) And the lists go on and on…..

What is work? What does it mean to you?

You might probably try to figure out some of these questions isn’t it? Well, how about taking the following non scientific quiz and get your work relationship rating. It may help you understand more about yourself in relation to your work or JOB.

1. What is your definition of work?
a) Physical or Mental effort
b) Making or doing something worthwhile
c) Torture

2. How do you relate to work?
a) I enjoy it.
b) I work day and night.
c) I do it.

3. What makes you work best?
a) Success.
b) Coffee or tea.
c) Money.

4. Is your work enjoyable?
a) Are you crazy?
b) It is when I’m productive.
c) It is in retrospect.

5. Do you work with computer?
a) I never tried one. It’s too much work.
b) I don’t work.
c) I’m in love with my computer.

6. What kind of work do you do?
a) Menial.
b) Enjoyable.
c) As little as possible.

7. What is your favorite time of the working day?
a) Early morning when my mind is fresh.
b) Lunch.
c) Coffee breaks and lunch.

8. What do you consider difficult work?
a) Scrubbing floors.
b) Selling something.
c) Getting a date.

9. Do you look forward to retiring?
a) I’ll work till I drop.
b) I’m counting the minutes.
c) I goof off at work; so I don’t have to retire.

10. What would you do if you didn’t have to work?
a) Lunch.
b) Play golf.
c) Find a hobby that made me really work.

To get your work relationship score, add up the following points for the answers you have chosen:

1. a(5) b(5) c(0)
2. a(5) b(0) c(3)
3. a(5) b(0) c(5)
4. a(0) b(5) c(3)
5. a(0) b(0) c(5)
6. a(0) b(5) c(0)
7. a(5) b(0) c(0)
8. a(5) b(5) c(0)
9. a(5) b(0) c(0)
10. a(0) b(2) c(5)

Score & Rating:

( 0 to 16 ) You’re lazy. But you did finish this quiz. Therefore you are not that lazy.

( 17 to 33 ) You do your work faithfully, you earn a living and you don’t complain too much.

( 34 to 50 ) You’re one of the LUCKY FEW who enjoys work. You are a workaholic.

Reference : How Do You Feel about Work? By Roz Ashley

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