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08 September 2007

Three Golden Rules

You might be thinking that this is rubbish and totally impractical. But think again as the following rules might help improve your financial health and the best thing is you can do it without receiving a single dollar more in your income.

Why is it that most people regardless of income level can never seem to have enough money to save or keep enough money for their retirement? The most frequent answer is they not earning enough.


There are doctors, engineers, lawyers, high post government officer earning thousands of dollars in income but never seem to have any money. Obviously it is not an income problem. The problem is what they do with their income. You need to know how to manage your money properly ( one way of doing this is by spending less ).

Yes, it is possible to improve your financial position without having to work an extra hour or earn an extra dollar, simply by better managing what you have now.

Below are the golden rules to making money by spending less:

a) Pay off your debt as quickly as you can.
b) Live economically, focusing on gaining greater value out of each dollar spent.
c) Save up an emergency nest egg.

"An inability to save is usually due to bad spending habits"

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