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21 September 2007

The important of Self Discipline

What is self discipline? Why is it important to oneself? A simple definition of self discipline is the ability to take control of your mind, your habits and your emotions. We do not have the ability to control others or be a leader of others or even can not be success in anything if we lack in self discipline.

“Those who can command themselves, command others” by William Hazlitt.

Since self discipline can never be learned completely, it is something that must be practiced constantly; it only be come easier when practices.

A self discipline is to do with forcing yourself to do or not to do some thing. For example, I force my self to write this articles, I force myself to go to work, I force myself to read the book, I force my self to love her (just kidding, you can’t force someone to love you, can you?) and so on. If you constantly forcing yourself to do positive habits and consciously replacing negative habits with positive ones, you are practically on the way to developing your self discipline.

I recalled when I was studying years back in the 90’s; I came to know one businessman who runs a few nursing homes for the elderly. He was so successful in his business that he can afford to buy an auction hospital worth 10 million pounds. When I examine his lives, I found that he have the discipline necessary to do what it takes to get the job done and make him more successful in his business. He focus on his goals with an intensity that sweeps aside trivial things so he can concentrate on the situation at hand, and he stick with it until he succeed.

In other words, you have to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to get the job done. If you are not disciplined, you can’t do that. If you want to write an article but you watch TV instead (you can not do what you need to do), that’s not disciplines.

You must stay focus and devote most of your time to some thing that brings success in your life. I’m not saying you work all the time. What I meant was, manage your time properly and use self discipline to make the job done.

Self discipline is not a success principle that is learned and then saved until it is needed. It is a HABIT that is developed by constant use so you are prepared to take advantage of it when the right opportunity comes along.

“Self Discipline makes it possible to turn on more will power and keep on going when the road is hard and failure seems just around the corner” by Napoleon Hill.

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