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24 June 2008

What is the level of education required to read your blog?

Is your blog readable?

I always fascinate and feel a bit envy whenever I read an article or came accross a well written website and sometime asking myself a question” how in the hell did he wrote those pieces of shit”. I was glued into reading the articles over and over again and found many unfamiliar words that I was forced to find the meaning. It was like, hey, this fellow is good, and he better off writing books instead of blog. On the other hand, there is a blog which was badly written but surprisingly it has more visitors then my blog. At the end of the day, what makes good content? Is it the storyline or is it the grammar or both. Anyway, what ever it is, it good to know what the level of education is required to understand your blog. I found this after visiting my fellow bloggers and I kind of like the idea behind it. I am not quite sure whether the rating is accurate but who's care. Most importantly is your message get accross and understandable. So go and give it a try.

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