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13 June 2008

Shop for quality

I remember the day when myself and my wife shops around to find a bargain rice electric cooker. In fact we been to several electrical outlets to see and look at different model and brand of these electric cooker. After much discussion and weighing the cost and benefit, we decided to buy non-branded cheap cooker.

We feel at ease to know that we haven’t spent much of money and manage to save a few dollars. The rice cooker managed to cook the rice for a couple of weeks then it stopped functioning.

Luckily it is still under warranty. So we sent it for repair. When we called the shop, we were directed to send it to a place quite far from where we are staying. Even worst, the location is not so familiar to us and we spend time finding the exact location. Finally we did found the place. It was a warehouse, no signature what so ever. The building looks old and spooky.

Anyway, I went inside with the rice cooker and a man at the entrance usher me to see a person that do the repair. I waited there while the man inspect and repair the cooker. The repair was fast and quick i.e. 15 minutes roughly.

We took back the rice cooker and tried it for few days. It works fine but the rice is over cooked. I decided not to use it anymore since it burnt more than cook the rice. We made a decision to give it away or throw it. With that experience, we had better off buying the branded rice cooker instead of the cheap brand. The amount of time, car fuel and money wasted just to save few dollars is not really worth doing.

If we have bought the branded rice cooker in the first place, we could have enjoyed the following:

a) The rice is properly cooked not burnt.
b) The rice cooker will last longer
c) Better service centre, location nearby, familiar place.
d) Professional technical support with qualified service centre
e) Peace of mind, you know you are using a safe cooking devices.
f) The rest you can ask the salesman (I am not affilliate with any manufacturer).

The point I am making is that although the money I spend is less buying the cheap brand but it end up being waste since I had to replace it with a much better and cost me slightly more. I was throwing money and looking cheap at that.

Shopping for quality rather than the price is not so easy to do and it takes a lot of practice and consideration to be made. Buying quality product obviously cost more but it saves you money in the long run – Cheap can often be a false economy.

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