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22 June 2008



(Proof that there is life after death)

Authors: Bill Gugenheim & Judy Guggenheim

Publishers : Thorsons, An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers

Hammersmith, London, UK

Reference: Life after Life, Near Death Experiences – Dr Raymond Moody Jr.


This is a book written by Judy and Bill Guggenheim on research done on existence after death. Quoted:

Death is simply a shedding of the physical body like the butterfly shedding its cocoon. It is a transition to a higher state of consciousness where you continue

to perceive, to understand, to laugh and to be able to grow.

Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross M.D
German-Swiss Doctor who works with dying people

Dr. Elisabeth has had After Death Communications herself: -

I was at a crossroad. I feel I needed to give up my work with dying patients. That day, I was determined to give notice and leave the hospital and the University of Chicago. It wasn’t an easy decision because I really loved my patients.

I walked out of my last seminar on death and dying towards the elevator. At that moment, a woman walked towards me. She had an incredible smile on her face, like she knew every thought I had.

She said. “Dr Ross, I’m only going to take two minutes of your time. If you don’t mind, I’ll walk you down to your office.” It was the longest walk I have ever taken in my life. One part of me knew that this was Mrs Johnson, a patient of mine who had died and been buried almost a year ago. But I’m a scientist, and don’t believe in ghost and spooks!

I did the most incredible reality testing I’ve ever done. I tried to touch her because she looked kind of transparent in a waxy way. Not that you could see furniture behind her, but not quite real either. I know I touched her, and she had feeling to her.

We came to my office, and she opened the door. We went inside and she said, “I had to come back for two reasons. Number one, I wanted to thank you and Reverend Smith once more for what you have done for me. But the real reason why I had to come back is to tell you not to give up your work on death and dying. Not yet.”

I realized consciously that maybe indeed this was Mrs. Johnson. But I thought nobody would ever believe me if I told this to anybody. They really would thing I had slipped!.

So my scientist in me needed proof. I needed a sheet of paper with anything written in her handwriting, and hopefully her signature.

This woman knew my thoughts and knew I had no intention to ever giver her note to Reverend Smith. However, she took a piece of paper and wrote a message and signed it with her full name. Then with the biggest smile of love and compassion and understanding, she said to me, “Are you satisfied now?”

Once more she said, “You cannot give up your work on death and dying. Not yet. The time is not right. We will help you. You will know when the time is right. Do you promise?” The last thing I said to her was “I promise.” And with that, she walked out.

No sooner was the door closed, I had to go and see if she was real. I opened the door, and there was not a soul in that long hallway!

Dr Elisabeth story defied everything Bill knew and understood and assumed was trued about death and life after death, and it forced him to re-examined all his beliefs for any logical explanations but found none. Bill decided to find personal answers for some of mankind’s oldest questions: Is there life after death? Do we enter a new dimension or level of existence when our physical life is over? Will we be united with our friends and family members who have already died? Is it possible for our deceased loved ones to communicated with us now?

So began Bill and Judy’s research into life after death. There are many books on this topic. What they came up was a detailed book on Communication from the dead in various forms or After Death Communications (ADC for short). They are members of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS since 1981) and talked with hundreds of people (first hand) who reported having near death experiences, out-of-body journeys, after death communications and other kinds of spiritual experiences. These Bill and Judy wrote down and categorized.

According to them The Amerrican Health Magasing published the results of a poll (Survey) conducted by the National Opinion Research Centre of America in its Jan=Fen 1987 issue. The survey was directed by Andrew Greeley, the well know Catholic priest and author. The finding show that 42% of American Adults believe that have been in contact with someone who has died and 67% of all widows believe they have had a similar experience. These figures are quite high and show that communication with the dead through various methods occur more often than most people assume.

Many people are convinced that after death communications are not real. They are often dismissed as hallucinations, imaginations, delusions, fantasies etc. ADC’s are the result of wish fulfillment and memories caused by grief. Bill and Judy’s interview with those directly having ADC on a one to one basis show that there is not necessary grief involved when having and ADC. Some do not even know that a friend or family has died and that person has come to wish them goodbye or convey a message.

Their research done with several boundaries to outline what is termed as an After Death Communication or not;-

It must be a direct one to one experience. No medium, psychic, hypnotist or third party is involved.

It is a spontaneous event. The deceased initiated the contact. Seances, ouija boards, crystal balls or similar devices used to make contact with the dead are not counted as ADC’s.

The ADC Project started in Orlando, Florida in May 1988 with 1,000 flyers, 1,000 business cards, a telephone line, a post office box and a checking account. They found people who were willing to be interviewed everywhere they went including support groups, churches, hospices, personal growth classes, conferences, social organizations bereavement groups and spiritual bookstores. This project took 7 years to fulfill its purpose.

They had collected 3,300 firsthand experiences in all 50 Amereican states and ten Canadian provinces. The people interviewed are from all walks of life and represent diverse social, educational, occupational and economic background. They range from a 8 year old boy to a 92 year old widower. Almost all had a Christian or Jewish religious upbringing and are still practicing. Those interviewed were in good health (not senile or crazy) and were never involved in drugs or alcohol at the time of their experiences.

ADC’s are very common in other parts of the world, where they are socially accepted as real communications from the dead. The people who have had these experiences share them freely and joyously with others, and Bill & Judy believes that everyone gains form discussing these events openly.

Book Contents

1. The After Death Communication (ADC) Project: A leap of faith

Introduction to how the research came about and comments from others including doctors and professionals.

2. Sensing a Presence: Sentient ADC’s

This is the most common type. People report having an intuitive awareness or inner knowledge that their deceased loved one was with them in the same room or area. The presence felt familiar and conveyed the identity and personality of the one who had died. Many can sense the emotions and mood of that person and some may even receive non-verbal messages this way. They know when that person first appeared and when he/she is gone. People feel happy when a loved one visits them even for a short while.

3. Hearing a Voice: Auditory ADC’s

This is also a common type of ADC. Some people report hearing an audible voice that was from an outside source (not their own thoughts). This is called telepathic communications which is also known as mind-to-mind contact, mental communication or thought transference. The message or thought is usually brief and to the point like a telegram. Some people are not even sure they heard the message until it is repeated a second time. Some understand what it means the first time. Many times lives have been saved because of these short messages in a person’s head.

4. Feeling a Touch: Tactile ADC’s

This is a less common type of ADC. The sensation can be felt as a light tap, a gentle touch, a soft caress, a tender kiss, a comforting arm or even a hug. Each one is don in a loving way to express emotional support or reassurance. Regardless of what kind of touch they feel, people easily recognize their deceased loved ones. Touch or Tactile ADC usually happen between people who have had a very close relationship. Those who have died return to convey affection and encouragement to the living especially through tough times and emotional turmoil. Sometimes a voice is also heard during this time.

5. Smelling a Fragrance: Olfactory ADC’s

This is one more common ADC. Typical scents include the fragrance of a perfume, cologne, after shave lotion, flowers, food, drink, tobacco, commercial product or anything else that one can associate with a loved one. The scent is usually unusual with their surroundings or the room/place they are in and there is no source for the smell. Sometimes two people can smell the same scent. Sometimes a touch, a feeling or a voice may be present with the scent making the identity of the deceased loved one more clear.

6. Partial Appearances: Visual ADC’s

Seeing a dead loved one who has returned for a visit is very dramatic but quite common type of ADC. People report seeing only part of a body or if they saw the whole body it will appear less then solid. Some partial appearances can be in the form of a bright light, a face in a bright light, the upper part of a body, a misty body etc. Sometimes their dead relatives talk to them or send messages or touch them to say that they have crossed over to the other side and that they are happy, healthy and safe. Many who got this experience are comforted.

7. Full Appearances: Visual ADC’s

Full appearances are usually made to demonstrate the deceased loved ones are healed and whole, despite their age, physical disability or injury at the time of death. Nearly all are much happier and freer than when they had a physical body. They convey a greater love, compassion and wisdom than they had while still alive. These experiences are so warm and comforting that the living feel that they have been updated by the new condition of the deceased relative or friend and find peace from the experience.

8. A Glimpse Beyond: ADC Visions

Having seen a ADC vision is like looking through an opening into another dimension and intuitively knowing you are seeing beyond this world into a spiritual one. External visions are seen with your eyes open and may be compared to looking at projection of a movie. Internal visions are seen through your mind either with your eyes closed or open. Some are two dimensional while others are three dimensional and have bright vivid colours that radiate their own inner light, similar to a stained glass window that has light from behind. Messages can come through and sometimes people can talk to the deceased loved ones. These are rare ADC’s.

9. Encounters at Alpha: Twilight ADC’s

During the half awake and half asleep level of awareness or the Alpha state people are so relaxed that they see ADC’s. This level of semi-consciousness can also be attained through mediation exercises, hypnosis and deep prayer. Even daydreaming and feelings of creativeness can be an Alpha state. In this state you are often in a relaxed, open and receptive frame of mind. Various types of ADC’s can be experience when in this state maybe a presence, a voice, a touch, a scent, an appearances, a vision etc.

10. More than a Dream: Sleep-State ADC’s

Many people reported that they had been contacted by a deceased loved one while they were sound asleep. Because they didn’t have any other name for their experience, they usually called it a ‘dream’. However, most add that it wasn’t like an ordinary haphazard dream, jumbled up, fragmented, filled with symbolism and incomplete in many ways. In contrast a sleep-state ADC feels like actual face-to-face visits with deceased ones. They are much more orderly, colourful, vivid and memorable than most dreams. In fact some may even be visions during the sleep period similar to ADC’s while one is awake.

11. Homeward Bound: Out-Of-Body ADC’s

Out of Body Experiences (OBE’s) are not a new phenomenon. They have been constantly reported throughout history. There are a lot of books on OBE’s. Occurances of ADC’s during OBE’s are less common too. Some people can temporarily leave their physical bodies and travel to far and near places. Some people claim they are able to visit other dimensions, including the spiritual realms. Spontaneous Out of Body ADC’s can occur while you are awake in the Alpha state or during sleep. People say the experience is more real than life itself.

12. Person-to-Person: Telephone ADC’s

As it implies telephone ADC’s is when one receives a phone call from a deceased loved one. They may sound as clear as an ordinary everyday call or they may sound far and distant and sometimes they come through ‘white noise’ or background noise on the telephone. Some people have reported receiving a telephone ADC’s even when the phone line has been temporarily cut off and even with witnesses nearby. Some ADC’s are also experienced during sleep but seem so real. After the call there won’t bee any kind of disconnect sound or even a dial tone. The phone will be silent as though the line has been cut.

13. Material Matters: ADCs of Physical Phenomena

A common type of ADC are unusual things happening around the house following the death of a relative or friend for example electrical equipments being turned off and on, mechanical objects being activated, pictures and other items being moved, windows and doors opening and closing despite there being not wind or anyone else about at the time. People regard these events as messages from their deceased loved ones to show that they are still in existence or to show that they want you to remember them. There is the case of a mother who kept finding (in different places) a smiling picture of her deceased teenage son. He wanted her not to mourn and be sad for he was in a happier place now. He seldom smiled in his pictures and that particular one was a rare one of him smiling.

14. Butterflies and Rainbows: Symbolic ADC’s

Some people are sent a sign spontaneously as a gift, while others ask or pray to receive one. Depending on their belief system, they may ask the deceased to give them a sign or they may pray to God for one. Typical symbols included rainbows, flowers, butterflies, birds, insects, animals or things. Whether a sign comes immediately or takes time to arrive, most people intuitively recognize their sign right away and feel it is intended for them. These signs provide much hope to those who are grieving deeply, especially parents and the widowed. Because they a symbolic, the receiver must interpret his or her own experience and give it their own personal meaning.

15. Exceptions to the Rule: “Fearful” and Other ADC’s

Almost all ADC’s are positive, joyful and uplifting events and they generally quickens spiritual growth. For some reasons some people may experience fear when they do have an ADC. Those who have no knowledge of one before may think they are loosing their minds. Others may have irrational fear or superstitious beliefs and become frightened unnecessarily due to negative thinking influenced by movies, books or even their local folklore. This can be sad for the deceased loved ones who are trying to communicate with them for the living may not be receptive and try to avoid them.

16. Timing is Everything: ADC’s before the news

This sort of ADC happens before a person learns of the death of a friend or loved one. They have not had the chance to grieve or have grief-induced hallucinations as many people would claim. Some contacts are made soon after the person dies to warn others of their death.

17. Expect the Unexpected: ADC’s year later

Some ADC’s occur within the second to fifth year following the death of a loved one and some occur many years later when it is totally unexpected. Their purposes are more specific than earlier contacts like to warn of eminent danger. Despite being dead, they still feel a sense of connection to the live ones and are aware of your daily life and are watching over you with love and compassion.

18. Validation: Evidential ADC’s

An ADC experience is evidential when you learn something you did not know and had no way of knowing before. For instance, you may be told the location of a lost object and then being able to find it. This confirms that the dead person has the intention of helping you despite not being in the physical world. This also proves that they do exist after death.

19. Special delivery: ADC’s for protection

Nearly all ADC’s are inspired by the ongoing love and concern your deceased relatives and friends feel for you. It is therefore, understandable that they may attempt to protect you from harm or danger. Examples are protection from motor vehicle, accidents, harm from criminals, house fires, industrial injuries, undiagnosed health problems and emergencies involving young children or infants. If there is no life after death then why should your dead loved ones bother to appear to warn you of danger.

20. Saving Grace: ADC’s for Suicide Intervention

Suicide interventions are a special form of ADC’s for protection that occur at the critical moment someone truly needs encouragement. They seem to be a common experience and each one who has had this is certain that a deceased relative or friend was directly responsible for saving his or her life during times of fear, despair, sadness or depression. This is the most profound of ADC’s experience gathered during the research as it provide moral uplifting to others who contemplate the same way of ending his or her life.

21. Confirmation: ADC’s with a Witness

On some occasions, two or more people who are together at the time, will have contact with their dead relative at the same time. Descriptions of these ADC’s may be the same or different depending on each point of view. The value of having a witness is confirmation that your experience was not imaginary but real as in the example of a man who saw his deceased mother waving from her front porch after the funeral, as she always used to when she was alive. The man did not cry during the funeral or afterwards until his wife confirmed that she too saw his mother waving goodbye at her front porch. This confirmed that he was not dreaming and the event touched him so much that he broke down and cried, pouring out his grief once and for all.

22. A necklace of pearls: The Best of the Best of ADC’s

All those who experienced positive ADC’s drew strength from it, which produced lasting emotional and spiritual healing. Deeply moving accounts like these prove that the deceased are in a different kind of existence after they die.

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