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26 June 2008

REVA – Electric Car is Coming to Stay

India's first battery-powered car REVAi launched
Wednesday, 25 June , 2008, 14:17Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 June , 2008, 14:32

At last the time has came for revolutionary electric car. Due to the current fuel hike, it about time we change to electric car and forego the petrol hungry car and keep our wallet fat. The current Fuel price are at the highest peak and most of us are in the danger of not be able to use the car any longer. Never fear, the electric car is coming to rescue.
The first India electric car “Reva” was launched in national capital of New Delhi by chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Wednesday, 25 June 2008.
The company takes about 13 years on the research and development of the Reva Electric car and it worth every penny spent.
REVA is a battery electric vehicle designed for low speed, congested, urban conditions and is classified as a quadricycle (category L7e) under UK and European law.REVA is designed to be unique and stands out on the road as a genuine city car with a mature expression.

The advanced technologies used, make it highly differentiated and superior to other makes. It has all the inherent benefits of an Electric Car and is indeed a revelation in city mobility.

Easiest car to drive:It is a fully automatic (no clutch - no gears)

Easy to charge:

It runs on batteries and as compared to other Electric Vehicles has an onboard charger to facilitate easy charging which can be carried out by plugging into any 15 Amp socket at home or work. As simple as charging a mobile phone!

High efficiency and reliability:

It is twice as efficient as a petrol driven vehicle and has an operating cost as low as 40 paise / km.An intelligent "low battery' warning light and a fuel gauge allow easy estimation of driving range and ensure that the user is not stranded.

Low maintenance / easy serviceability:

REVA requires extremely low maintenance because of the minimum number of moving parts. From service point of view, advanced systems such as the two onboard computers and remote diagnostic capabilities (carried out with the help of a Palm PilotTM) enable quick vehicle analysis, prompt service and improve REVA's.

Very safe:

REVA has the best-in-class safety features like dent-proof ABS body panels, side-impact beams, a steel space frame and dual-braking system. This ensures minimum damage to the car and enhances protection to passengers in the event of a collision.

Feature rich:

REVA is one of the most feature rich vehicles available in the market. Features like the Climate Control Seat (CCS™) and Remote Controlled A/C have been especially incorporated to improve passenger comfort at an affordable price.

Hi-design:The design methods and manufacturing philosophy used in REVA allow it to be manufactured cost effectively even at low volumes.

Globally Tested Product:
REVA has been extensively tested and certified by the ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) and received the EEC (European Economic Community) Certificate in December 2003, paving the way for an aggressive foray into European markets.


The Reva car comprised of the following main component:

a) an AC Induction Motor which can run at a high speed of 8000 rpm.

b) Power pack ; consists of eight 6-Volt EV lead acid batteries.

c) CHARGER : on-board Charger, which converts AC into DC power to charge the power pack.

d) CONTROLLER ; computerized Motor Controller. This regulates the flow of energy from the Power Pack to the Motor.

e) EMS The brain of REVA is the Energy Management System (EMS) that monitors and controls all vital functions.


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