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09 June 2008

Make Money Online through Writing in 3 Easy Steps

Everyone want to make money. Actually there are many ways to make money. Some are illegal and legal ways to make money. It not easy to make money legally. You have to sweat, really sweat to make good money. To some it may be easy but many find it very troublesome and stressful especially if you have to work with a difficult boss to earn your living.

If you enjoy writing articles or novel or fictions then you have a good chance of making money online and offline. There are many online publisher and magazines that wants to buy good and relevant articles from you. One such company is the (You have to search it yourself for the others).

So, what is Shvoong?

Shvoong’ is a world-wide center for abstracts, offering a wide variety of abstracts in 34 different languages. Our goal is to summarize all that has been written throughout human history in the areas of literature and scientific research, thus providing you the essence of human knowledge. All the abstracts are written by our users, citizens of the world, who not only enjoy sharing their knowledge with everyone, but also earn royalties for their work. The site has no pretension of replacing the real thing — whether books or studies — with abstracts, but rather serve as a tool that helps you swim in the sea of information, separate the chaff from the wheat.

How to Make Money On Shvoong

Register with Shvoong and Start Writing and Earning Money

This Is How You’ll Make Money On Shvoong!

  1. Write a summary (of up to 900 words) of a book, an article, or an academic
  2. Upload the summary to Shvoong (with the option of linking to the summarized text) and receive lifetime royalties!


There is no exact amount. Shvoong pays 10% of its advertising revenues to the writers. The key to the distribution of money amongst the writers is the number of times a summary is viewed (therefore it is preferred that the summary be well written)


The royalties are received when at least $10 is accumulated in the writer’s account.


Payment is usually made by the PayPal system (opening an account is free). In countries where PayPal is not available (and only in those countries), the writers receive payment by check mailed to a chosen address.

Register with Shvoong and Start Writing and Earning Money


Enjoyable writing experience, mass publishing of your work, recognition, promotion, and free web traffic.


  1. Write many summaries;
  2. Maintain high quality so the summaries appear at the top of the search results in Shvoong;
  3. Create links from the summaries and to the summaries;
  4. Invite friends to read your summaries and to register as new writers on Shvoong;
  5. Write about your summaries in blogs, forums, and discussion boards.
So, if you have interesting articles to sell, why don’t try posting them via

Shvoong website:

The process is easy :

Step 1: Post your abstract

Step 2: Have it read

Step 3: Earn royalties

Register with Shvoong and Start Writing and Earning Money

Want to Make Even More Extra Money?

  • Post more abstracts

The more abstracts you post at Shvoong, the more chances to attract readers.

  • Get more readers

Create link to your abstract elsewhere(on blogs, forums, your personal homepage, or other sites).

  • Invite new writers

Spread the word by joining our "Invite a friend" and/or Affiliates programs, and earn bonuses equivalent to the invite members' royalties, upto $100 for every new writer.

Register with Shvoong and Start Writing and Earning Money

For those who have passion in writing, use you talent and earn cash through writing.

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