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27 June 2008

Can Money Solve your problem?

How many of us think that money can solve or fix problem in our life? For example, by having this amount of money, I could definitely fix this problem in my life. Is this sound familiar to you? If only I have X amount of money, I could have long ago start the business or I won’t be in this mess if only I have that X amount of money. Is money the absolute solution to our present problem in our life? Most of the prominent author in money management will agreed that money is not the solution. They will say something like; money will not make you happy, thinner or popular, will not deliver lasting, meaningful peace of mind and so on. Then they will go on saying that there are plenty of rich, fat, unhappy people with no real friends.

Having money to me does help solve what ever problem we have at that moment or in the months to come only if you know how to control, manage and use it wisely. Money by itself has no brain. Money is dependable on us to make them in good use. We can throw the money or burn it or put them to good use. For example spoon by itself is no use. But when we take the spoon and use it as it is intended for, it is then be come useful (to us).

To me, money can do wonders if you use and manage it wisely. I have seen a person who earns $5000 a month but still struggling to survive. Surprisingly, a person who earns less, say $ 3000 can live without much struggle. Another case where a man won a lottery in the amount of few hundred thousand and a few months after that he is back to where he use to be. The money does not solve his problem.

However, money can only and will solve you problem if you know how to manage and use it wisely. I think we need to find the cure to our problems first and then find a way of funding that cure. " it is the oil that smoothes the wheels. It isn't the engine".

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