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06 June 2008

Is It Time To Change Jobs?

You have been working and gaining vast experience in electronic or others filed that entitle you to earn the title “expert”. The question whether you want to stay or look for another job with more pay and benefits keep haunting you day and night.

When is it time to move on? Your motivation may stem from how you perceive your situation at work:

a) Do you feel stalled?
b) Outgrowing the job
c) Failure to obtain worthwhile monetary gain
d) Company failure
e) Insufficient Salary and benefits
f) Boring workplace

Suppose you decide to leave the company and look for another more challenge and pay you more than what you are earning now.

The following paragraphs may assist you in your decision for another job.

a) LONG TERM PLAN: What is your long term career plan? Once this is defined, consider the following questions :
· How should any change in employment fit into this plan?
· Are you willing to relocate to advance?

b) RELOCATE: If you decide not willing to relocate, greater skill diversification may be necessary in order to advance in your present position. Over specialization could be a mistake. But if you are willing to be relocate, for the right opportunity, then you probably should specialize in one or two areas.

c) QUALIFICATION REVIEW: You have to make sure and know that your current level of training, skill or knowledge is appropriate for advancement. Examine the job requirement of a desired position to see if you meet them. If you meet the qualifications, see its specialization and other potential elements as right for you. It is important also to go back to your long term plan to consider the implications of seeking a new position.

An appropriate and well executed plan is the correct path to pursue for your desired dream career. Since being trained in the field is not, by itself, enough to succeed, you have to make the rest happen. And, your current job is an excellent opportunity to properly execute the plan.

Source : The Electron, Your Career in Electronics by Tim McCartney.

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