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22 June 2008



(Do they exists?)

I said that I would do research and write about Heaven and Hell. Well my research is conclusive. These two places do exist. The only problem is that most people have seen only a bit of what either one has to offer. Their journey to Heaven or Hell is only a short one because they have to return to their human lives here on Earth. Only those who die for good will know what more these two places have had to offer and the dead seldom tell. Believe me there’s more, but I will not go into detail here.

People die every day. Some manage to live while others never come back from the brink of death. I will not put into words something which is best described in pictures or experience. For this, I encourage you to listen and watch a few video clips from people who have had the experience of death and whats on the other side. These are called Near Death Experiences (NDE). Descriptions of Heaven and Hell are consistently similar from one person to another and there are thousands of people with these experiences.

Take the advice from those who have died before. I don’t think they would like to joke or make up stories about these things.

The video clips I found title below are on YouTube.

Heaven and Hell near death Experiences (Experience recall)

This man died...returned...Heaven and Hell are real (Experience recall)

An accurate depiciton of Hell by Bill Weiss and Many Baxter (Graphic picture simulation)

Choo Thomas taken to Heaven and Hell (Experience recall)

There’s more. ... But some video clips on YouTube are just pure nonsense and made up to joke about the afterlife. You have to use your common sense to decide which ones are real and which ones are not.

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