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24 June 2008

Swapping one single red paper clip for a house

This is an example of a successful deal making in action. His name is kyle Macdonald from Montreal, Canada. His traded his way from one single red paperclip to a house in the duration of nine months. How did he do it? Traded a red paperclip for a house? Unbelievable it may seem but he did actually acquire the house. To summarize the process, this is how he did it:

a)He setup up his own website named, offering to swap his one red paperclip for anything ( except shit ).

b) He swapped it for a pen in the shape of a fish.

c) He swapped this for a smiley face doorknob.

d) He swapped this for a portable barbeque.

e) He swapped this for a portable genset.

f) He swapped this for a instant party pack and keg of beer.

g) He swapped this for a snowmobile.

h) He swapped this for a trip to British Columbia.

i) He swapped this for a truck.

j) He swapped this for a recording contract.

k) And in the end he swapped this for a house in Phoenix, Colorado.

Not Bad for eleven steps little deal. He says he is going to keep on doing trading until he owns a house. For how long he’s keep doing it? No body knows.

“Really, I'm looking for nothing in particular, just to make a trade and see where this goes. So if you have anything you'd like to offer in exchange for the house, and I mean anything, be sure to send in your offer!” said Kyle.

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