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23 February 2009

Stylus is better than finger

Iphone is great to use but it does become uneasy after awhile when the screen become smudge with sweaty finger prints and oily. You need to constantly rubbing and clean it with the special cloth supply with Iphone. Iphone is a touch screen devices and it doesn’t need a stylus to operate. However, there is a time this stylus become necessary especially when to do with sketch, drawing and many more. This is where the Pogo Stylus becomes very handy and useful. Imagine using iphone during winter, you have to use bare finger and how convenient it is, frost bite. Now with this specially made for iphone stylus, you can still answer calls and surf the web all while keeping your hands toasty. For those who have long finger nail is also a problem using iphone unless you use this stylus.
Pogo Stylus features an ultra-light aluminum body with an anodized finish and laser graphics. The soft tip glides easily over the surface of the display, making it fun and easy to sketch, draw characters, or just slide to unlock. Sized for accuracy, it does away with the awkward typos and misfires common to fingertip-only use.
Since you reduce the need for fingers, it helps keep the iphone’s screen free of smudges and grease.
The body of the stylus is a lightweight aluminum alloy, with an anodized finish in your choice of three colors. Laser-engraved graphics set off the matte sheen of black, gunmetal, silver, or cranberry to best advantage.
The Pogo Stylus also features a soft, durable tip designed with the needs of mobile users in mind. It is precision-formed to the perfect size for the keyboard keys.
A perfect match for iphones.
Pogo Stylus is available for pre-order at for US$14.95.

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