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11 February 2009

How do we make ourselves financially self dependant

Not long ago I have written an article about the abbreviation of J.O.B. How to be financially sound while still remain as an employee? Most people have the opinion that you need to start your own business to make you rich. The word rich is very subjective. The true definition of rich depends on the individual perception. Some says they are rich to have only $500K in the bank and some says they need $1,000,000 to be considered rich. Another says you can not be rich working with somebody. Your earning power is dictated by the employer. The employer decided how much you can earn working with them.

As an employee, we are dependent on the mercy of our employer to provide us food and shelter. Without them, we have nothing to look forward at the end of the month.

So how do we make ourselves self dependant? Quit your job and start a business? It is not that simple. However, there is still a chance that you can be financially independent while remain an employee simply by following the simple steps shown below (may be become a millionaire as well, never judge a book by it cover). All you need to do is to:

a) Make as much money as you possible can. You should earn not less than 2K and do all you can to earn more. Work hard, show your manhood and work smart so that your pay will go up (I hope so) as well. Become an expert in doing your job. Be the best in your field. In other word, aim for higher position and go for more pay check. Learn the art of corporate ladder climbing and office politic.

b) Another alternative is to spend less. Most people will not favor this because you have to tighten your belt and it not very comfortable. You tend to miss a lot of thing you desire. Therefore most people willing to forgo this and in the end they tend to spend more and left nothing to save. What a sad scenario.

c) Save part of that money. Make an effort to save a portion of your salary every month. (Read the book: the richest man in Babylon).

d) Learn to invest and invest that saving wisely. Learn and choose an investment that pays you higher return but be very careful. Higher return means higher risk. But then again no risk no gain.

e) Avoid major financial mistakes. This will eat most of your saving and jeopardize your investment.

Please be reminded that JOBS are temporary source of income and J.O.B means “JUST OBEY BOSS”.

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