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11 February 2009


We have in our home a large medley collection of pens. Some were bought personally but mostly they were company give-aways (gifts promoting their company). Finding a pen is never a problem in our home. Here are but a few of the good designs.

This is your standard ball point pen but the ink is purple and is marked by the purple body. Other conventional pens have either black, blue and red bodies to show their ink colour.

This one comes in bright primary colours with a heavy top that tapers down. Looks top heavy or slim and elongated, depending on your point of view.

This is cigar or rocket shaped and there was a ring holder at the end for hanging the pen aroung your neck. Quite uniqe actually.

This one is useful for lecturers and those who give talks and seminars. There are two laser lights at the top which come in handy when you need a pointer. Body is stainless steel and durable.

Need to find a pen in the dark? Well this is the answer to your prayer. A phosphorescent coloured pen. They should also invent one which whistles back (with a microchip) so that you can find your pen in your room or office mess.

Yes I know. It doesn't look interesting at all, but the clip at the end is flexible and will never break off! It pulls away with a spring. Good for rough people.

This is a foldable half pen. Handy for carrying around. It came in two attractive illuminous colours - red and light green. You can even hang it around your neck on a string.

This is my personal favourite as I am a practical person. Not only does it have a firm rubber grip near the nib but the clip has a unique wrigley design.

This is my second favourite. A pen small enough to clip to the side of a tiny notebook (fits into the palm of your hand). Nothing new really but it is handy to carry around, write down things to do like your shopping list or information you find along the way and many other things.

Now this one tops all the ones we have in our collection. A 3-In-One pen. A red and black pen together with stick-on-notes for emergency messages or notes.

Some of you may have seen better designs. Yes there are many out there which have caught my eye but I never quite got to buying them. Some have uniquely carved wooden bodies with nibs and ink inside and others have flexible bodies which you can curl into a spiral and there are 10 in One coloured pens (although I must say these often malfunction after a short while - springs fly out easily and changing colours can be tricky when the mechanical parts get stuck together).
Should I come across any other unique designs in the future, I may update my pictures when I have the time - for all to share.

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