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29 May 2008

Website Showing How To Do Just About Everything

Have you ever search on the internet whenever you want to know how to do or create or make…and the search engine will respond with thousand of website and most often it is not what you are looking for. Why not check this website at :

The eHow™ database of over 100,000 articles can help you. Every month, over 8 million people visit the site. The site have more than 100,000 articles that are professionally written with clear and concise directions on how to do things. The site also have a rapidly growing library of articles created by eHow's members.
You can even write your own How To articles with their easy-to-use publishing tools that let you express your knowledge through text, images, and video.
The site arranges the how to in categories from arts, legals, electronics up to sports. It even have the today’s top how to, features how to, Popular how to and top 10 how to.

Examples of the top 10 how to are:

1. How to Count Cards
2. How to Stop Procrastinating
3. How to Brush Your Dog's or Cat's Teeth
4. How to Become a Contestant on "My Dad is Better Than Your Dad"
5. How to Get Your Computer to Boot Faster
6. How to Host a Cocktail Party
7. How to Select a Running Shoe
8. How to Use Chopsticks
9. How to Build a Print Server From an Old Computer
10. How to Buy Cheap Airline Tickets
The site also features video to show you how to do just about anything you can imagine.

Featured How To Videos
How to Tie a Tie
Video By: eHow Fashion, Style & Personal Care Editor.

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