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28 May 2008

" Don't be evil " to make money

"Don't be evil " is actually Google's mission statement. I don't quite know the reason behind that statement but it very catchy. In business of making money, is it necessary to steal, cheat, lie, back stabbing, sabotage, hide, lose sleep, dodge the law in any way, break the rules or being badly behaving just to make money? I recalled a friend of mine, sometime years ago, that he is really behave badly (some people called them " ass ***) i.e. harsh, rude, cunning, sarcastic, hurt people feeling especially his employees.

Honestly, this is what I observed most people really behave when come to making money. Even to my own sister. She has becoming big headed and sarcastic to her own brothers and sisters just because she is wealthy and her business is flourishing. The bad news is, whenever she is around, she always insulted and look down on me. She creates a very stressful and unhappy situation whenever she is with the rest of the family. Why make enemies? If this is the way to make money, it is obviously no fun at all. If there's no fun what the point of doing it unless you are Evil or demon than it fine.

I prefers to be humble and kind to people whether I make money or otherwise. Being bad is out of the question. Living a life where you make money by being good let you sleep nights. You get to look your kids in the eyes - and yourself in the mirror - and you feel good about yourself knowing that you have less enemies.

If there is no joy or fun in making money by being wicked, why bother doing it. On the other hand, if you don't enjoy the challenge of earning money in a decent way, then best go and do something different rather than resort to being bad to make money.

It is sad to know that most people prefers to be in control by being evil when come to making money i.e. Donald Thrump for example is ruthless person and he is fond of saying "You're fire and get the hell out of here".

So long as you make money without ripping people off, being cruel or unjust, breaking the rules or bending the rules, you are on the right track and doing just fine.

You can still make money by being good and fair to everyone even though people always said that there's no fairness in this world. Who says there is?

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