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28 May 2008

There are no secret in making money

Just as there is no secret in get rich quick scheme, therefore there is no secret. Most wealthy people knows this very well even though they says there is a secret just to make people believe there is a secret. Why you may say? I don’t know really or maybe they like to make people look stupid. So what makes some people rich and wealthy? The answer to that question is “YOU”. No one but you is going to make you rich. No one in the whole wide world (WWW). The secret of making money is that there’s no secret. Are you kidding me? You buy something and you sell it for more then you paid for, you’ve done well (make money out of the different). When you repeat this process over and over again surely you will eventually have plenty of money. This applies almost everything in the financial world, be it stock market, shares, buying and selling property and so on.

Based on the book “The rules of Wealth” by Richard Templar, Only industrious people can be prosperous. You need to put in an effort to learn how to do it by studying the wealthy people. It not easy task but it is achievable. Don’t go for short cut like get rich scheme or similar scheme unless you looking forward for a great disappointment. Lazy people not only don’t get rich but they often end up poorer because they always look for such shortcuts.

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