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28 May 2008

Customize your blogger blogspot site

I found out this site by accident. The site Blogger Buster is own and author by a lady name Amanda. The site main objective is to provide information to customize your blogspot website by adding additional features, adjusting the images, modifying the adsense adverts and many more.
Here are some of the tutorials you can find at blogger buster:

Add a "Top of Page" Icon Link
Background Styles for the Minima Blogger Template
How to Add Rounded Corners using CSS
Styling Sections of your Blog with Borders and Backgrounds
Add Style to Search Forms
Styling the Header and Footer Sections
Adjusting Margins and Padding in your Blogger Template
Create a Three Column Blogger Template
Creating a Three Column (or Wide Two Column) Canvas
Essential Tools for Blogger Template Design
A Cheats' Guide to Customizing Blogger Templates (Online Version)
Why Your Blog Design Needs to be Unique
Remove "no-follow" tags from your template
How to Install a Blogger Layout Template using Provided HTML Code
How to use Background Images
Create "Wordpress-Style" Blog Pages
How to Set Up a Test Blog (and why you may want to use one)
Fix your Layout Editor Wireframe (Firefox Layout Problems)
Adjust Padding in Blogger Templates
Adjust Margins in Blogger Templates
How to Hide the Blogger Nav-Bar
Add Background Music to your Blog
Create Classic Blogger Templates with Ease
Rounded Corners for Header and Sidebars
How to Upload Blogger XML (Layouts) Templates
Add a New Widget Section Above your Posts

It worth a visit to this site and learn some of tricks to make your blogspot site more user friendly. Kindly visit blogger buster at bloggerbuster

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