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16 September 2009

Why You Do Not Have More Money?

We normally say this so very often than not, “Why I do not have more Money?” and this is true to most people. The reasons are many and often not so easy to explain because it very personal and people are not sincere in telling the truth.
Why some gets it so easily than others? Is it because they not interested in getting more or they did try but failed or lack of motivation, not keen, can’t be bother or the process of getting more money is difficult and troublesome?

As Dr.Joseph Murphy is saying in his book entitled “The Power of Your subconscious mind”, the reason most people do not have more money is that they silently or openly condemn it. To them they refers money as dirty or “Filthy Lucre”, you need to be crook to have more money, money is evil and so on.

They often tell their friends and children that “the love of money is the root of all evil”. Money by itself is not evil at all but the misused of money for some thing bad is. Money is just an idea and it does not have mind of it own. If you leave money inside a can and leave it for many years nothing bad will happen.

By accepting or focusing the idea that money is not evil, you will attract money to come to you. If you focus the idea that to have more money is “Filthy Lucre”, you rejected money and therefore you will be getting hard time to have more money and that what you are going to get.

If you focus on getting money, that what you will get. But if you focus on getting out of debt, guess what you will get more in debt. You are attracting debt into your life.

This may sound funny or strange but this is the law of attraction. Anything you focus upon will be attracted to you. Therefore if you focus on more money, more money will come knocking your door, the money come without warning and formal invitation.

Read more about the Law of Attraction in this book:

You understand more about the law of Attraction by watching this movie below:

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