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28 September 2009

O-88fm Kinabalu City... Borneo's Number 1 Hit Music Station

Procaster AM Transmitter

Im very joyful to introduce you the new Sabahan's number 1 Hit radio station (online radio) and In summary, these are the requirement you need to setup your very own online Radio:

a) You need a good DJ or become your own DJ.

b) Determination to try no matter what and be willing to experiment.

c) Broadband connection – This is required for your BS Server to upload songs to your server.

d) Web Server – The cheapest hosting that I found reliable is

e) Computer – Pentium 4, Good sound Card, 500mb or more Memory.

f) BS Server & BS Tuner – Both can be download at

g) Small Audio Mixer – at least 4 channels, 3 bands EQ, recommended Wharfedale Pro R-1604FX.

h) Be creative and don’t set a limit to what you are capable of doing.

*** O-Borneo presents O-88 Kinabalu City. ***

Hi and welcome to O-Borneo. We have just set up a new radio station O-88fm Kinabalu City (Pronounced Zero Eighty Eight FM). Our first trial run broadcast was on the 16th of September 2009, which coincides with the Independence of Sabah & Sarawak Borneo when both joined the Federation of Malaya, now known as Malaysia. We're currently operating & broadcasting for our studios in Kuala Lumpur City. Do visit the website and follow the developments of our broadcast. Thank you for your support.

"O-88fm Kinabalu City... Borneo's Number 1 Hit Music Station"

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