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06 March 2009

Is it wise to bad mouth your boss?

How many of you dislike your boss very much to want to kick his/her face with your high heel boot? Some of you might says” The boss is a total jerk”, “Good for nothing” and so on. Every time you meet somebody you feel like tell them what a fool, stupid, and idiot this boss is. Is it ok to badmouth your boss? Certainly it is not right to do so. But you really can’t stand working under him/her.

Honestly speaking, it is not a good move to badmouth or talk bad behind your boss even if they deserve it. Never ever bad mouth your Boss because;

a) He/she is your boss whether you like it or not. Nothing can change it. If you can’t stand working with them go find some other jobs otherwise leave it as it is, it your choice really. Otherwise you will go mad and stress yourself to a point where your whole body system might shut down.

b) If your boss is a monster, well it is your job to do something to get him/her like or trust you. Refers to my article “how to deal with bad boss”.

c) Be careful, sometime you never know that there is/are spy among your college that what ever you say bad about your boss will eventually made known to your boss later. You will end up in a boiling soup. Some bosses do have fan and cronies among the staffs. So be careful to whom you speak to if you want to say bad thing about them.

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