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27 January 2011

Trying to make ends meet

I admit that at the end of every month, after deduction of this and that, the left over is barely enough to buy anything at all. And this is absolutely true for most people. We constantly always are struggling trying to make ends meet. We really struggle to meet our obligations and we always end up hurting our mind, body and soul that it always not enough. It is very strange indeed don't you think so? No matter how much you earn you always end up in this ever messy situation.What a life. When can I be like them (rich and famous).

The truth is we always condemned those who are successful and wealthy who have raised their head above the crowd. Perhaps some of us have said a nasty sentence such as that fellow is ruthless and evil; he is a crook; no wonder he is rich because he cheats people and so on.
If you analyst the situation, we always condemning the thing that we wish for i.e. wealthy, rich, abundance of money...Why is this it because of envious and covetous of the other's prosperity or something that you yourself can't really explain...why should you be envious of others who are more successful, wealthy than you.

Are this really beneficial to you? What do you get in return by condemning? Does it improve your livelihood? According to the self help book – The Power of your subconscious mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy, the quickest way to cause wealth to take wings and fly away from you is to criticize and condemn others who have more wealth than you.

I know it is not easy to ignore and leave them alone but you have nothing to lose really. Just leave and ignore them. What is the worst thing can happen to you? Will you be more poorer? Your wife will leave you for rich guy? Nothing! Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, find out how they make so much money? What are the secret or mechanism they use to help them make more money? Who are they talking to?  Is it luck? Is it magic? Is it something to do with talent? Is he lucky? What? There must be some logic explanation? Why can I do the same? I said it not easy but you have the choice to choose whether to try and try hard or just give up and wondering where do you make mistake.

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