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23 July 2009

Non Battery Operated Mini Light

Ever imagine at home or some other places, a sudden blackout, completely dark (not the case if you have installed emergency light), the hassle of going to walk through the dark searching for the place where you keep the candle or torch light? It makes you grind your teeth and say “what the fcuk” is going on and you start swearing and cursing the Electricity Board or Company.

It a pain in the neck isn’t it. Well, you can put that trouble away if you have this tiny emergency light called Mini ECOLIGHT by Kathmandu. You can attached keys and keep it in your pocket. No battery required to operate the two LED light.

To operate, wind the crank on side of light for 20 seconds and then turn on switch. It is bright enough to guide you in complete darkness. When light fades, re-crank the handle. Supprisingly the device still works after I accidently put it on the washing machine.

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