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28 January 2008

The Rich Thinking Pattern

If you want to be rich, first you must change your mind set about money. You should not think negative about what a lot of money could affect a person life i.e. Money is the root of all evil. In fact, it is the lack of money that is the cause of much evil (look at people selling drug, it an easier way of making money). These mental differences are the main factor that separates the rich and the poor. How you think will dictate how you will behave. For example, I will earn my degree no matter what or I must finish the job or I shall be rich. Thinking negative will somehow give an indication to your brain not to do it and therefore makes your brain lazy.

The rich people on the other hand thinks differently, the rich will say “The rich do not work for money instead the rich equipped with financial intelligent, have money work for them”.

When a person have the desire to be rich, he/she must first decide mentally whether they want to be rich, poor or middle class. This is very important decision because whichever financial position in life you choose i.e. be it rich, poor or middle class, everything in your life then changes.

Most people when thinking about money, people have three fundamental reasons as below (according to priority):

a) To be secure
b) To be comfortable
c) To be rich

All these choices according to rich dad (extracted from the book : Rich Dad guide to investing) are important. However the difference in one’s life occurs when the choices are prioritized. Most people when it comes to money, their first choice is security, second is comfort and third is rich. That why most people make job (Just Over Broke) their highest priority. After they have a secure job or profession then they focus on comfort. The last choice for most people is to be rich. Most people have the desire to be rich but it is not their first choice. That is why most people are not rich because of this priority of choices. For most people if becoming rich disturbs their comfort or make them feel insecure, they will forsake becoming rich. Worst still people who make security and comfort their first and second choices looks for ways to get rich quick that are easy, no risk and comfortable. Some will do get rich on one lucky investment i.e. winning lottery, but all too often they lose it all again. Why? Because they cannot handle the problem of too much money.

People often say “ I’d rather be happy than be rich”. Why do people need to choose between happiness and being rich? Why choose if you can have both. May be what they are really saying is “ I rather feel secure and comfortable than be rich”. Is it because they will feel unhappy if they are insure and uncomfortable? To me, when you are poor and unhappy, it will make you even more unhappy but if you are rich and unhappy, at least it not so bad.

Another negative think the poor and middle class always think is “money does not make you happy”. To me I feel happy if money comes in and sad when it leaves me. I don’t know about you but if you are unhappy person, no matter how much money you have you will still be unhappy.

As a conclusion, in order to start thinking about getting rich, set your priority in this order:

a) To be rich
b) To be comfortable
c) To be secure

Making the wise choice as above will have a significant long term impact upon the kind of life you choose to be in.

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